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My Story

Helping people find fulfillment in their career is my passion.  After being laid-off from a career in HR and recruiting in 2020, as a pandemic casualty, I began working with people helping them build their resumes.  During my time, as a resume writer, connecting with various clients, I realized a greater need; the need for career shift guidance.  I spent a decade trying to find a job that felt like a forever home, going through my own process of self-discovery.  That experience led me to building an entire program dedicated to helping lead people from the question "What do I do next?" to loving their career!


Did you know that feeling fulfillment in your career can have a positive impact on other areas of your life?  Most people feel hesitant to take the steps needed to change their career because of normal fears and insecurities, but moving toward positive change improves self-confidence and relationships.

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"You can always get another job, but you've only got one life, make it count"

My Mission

To help people not only find fulfillment in their careers, but understand their own value and greatest life desires.  Whether working with someone in the program or doing a resume, it is always a focus of mine to make sure that my clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their career path.

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