Resumes, Coaching, and More!

Resume writers and career coaches are everywhere, but how many of them sat on the other side of the desk as a recruiter?  When looking to make a career shift, hire someone who knows how recruiters work! 

  • Package includes 45 min. consult, personalized resume and cover letter
    45 min
  • Everything needed for your job search! Click for everything included!
    1 hr
  • Find out how I can prepare you for an seamless shift into a new career
    15 min
  • Personalized coaching for any stage of your career change
    1 hr
  • Be prepared and confident on your interview
    30 min
  • 3 hours of coaching included plus MUCH more! Click to find out more!
    3 hr
  • The best gift you can give a loved one is a head start towards career ...
    30 min